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igunhs-access to all
All golfers can now have an official IGUNHS handicap, whether you are a member of a club or not.
igunhs-Accurate and Fair
Accurate and Fair
The NHS handicap index automatically adapts to the course you are a playing on.
igunhs-USGA Generated
USGA Generated
Your IGUNHS handicap is generated by the USGA and is universally accepted.
igunhs-Track Your Progress
Track Your Progress
You can now view your previous rounds online and understand how your handicap is calculated.
igunhs-Email Notification
Email Notification
You will receive an automatic e-mail with your updated handicap every 15 days.
Scores submitted are verified by your marker or club to ensure transparent scores. Peer review facilities are also available.

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The IGUNHS Membership is the perfect way to support the game you love. Become a member today and join our community of passionate golfers. Not only will you receive exclusive deals and benefits, but you will also help grow the game of golf in India for future generations.


golfer of the month
Gautam Sambhare
Poona Club, Pune
“The new IGUNHS interface is slick, fast and user friendly for navigation. A great place to consolidate all your golf rounds.”
golfer of the month
Nitin Agarwal
IGU E-Club, Mumbai
“It is really much quicker and more efficient. The response time has reduced. Verification process is faster, and more seamless. The overall system is better to use now.”
golfer of the month
Kedar Anil Gadgil
Druid Systems, Pune
“Website that is both quick and easy to use. I hope to see many more innovations and improvements in the coming future. All the best!”
golfer of the month
Siddharth Naik
Country Club, Ahmedabad
“The new interface is more user friendly and convenient, and importantly faster and more responsive. It is the one and only platform to bring national golfers on one platform.”