How Does It Work

The National Handicap Service (NHS) is an initiative of the Indian Golf Union to centralise handicapping in India. Currently, handicaps are issued by clubs to their members and there is no facility for a Non-Member of a Golf Club to be able to get a handicap. The NHS requires Golfers to submit their scores of any rounds played around the world, and have it verified by their playing partner. The NHS has partnered up with GHIN of the United States Golfing Association (USGA) to calculate the handicaps. These handicaps are internationally recognised and available online around the world.

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As an NHS Member, when you log into you are greeted with a personalise dashboard that provides you with all the information you are looking for about your Golf Game. It shows your GHIN ID, Handicap Index and Subscription Expiry Date with your profile picture. It also displays information like your last few rounds posted and gives you a quick menu to post a score at your Home Club.


To submit a score, you need to first enter some details about your round like where and when you played, following which you will be taken to your scorecard where you can enter your hole by hole score. As per your handicap index, this will be converted to your ESC Score. You will then need to submit the email address of your Marker who you played this round with so that they can verify that your score is authentic. You will receive a copy of the scorecard you submitted via E-Mail at your registered email address.


Once your marker has verified that your score is authentic, you will receive an email informing you that your score has now been posted to GHIN!


Some other information you might find useful:

  • You need to submit a minimum of 5 scores of 18 Holes to be eligible for a handicap.
  • You can access your Official Handicap Certificate at (Check Our Certificate)
  • You cannot verify your own score in the NHS. Another Golfer must verify your score, otherwise it will not be considered for your handicap.
  • Handicap’s are updated by GHIN on the 1st and 15th of every month, and you will receive an email with your handicap index on those dates.
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