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NHS stands for National Handicap Service. It is an initiative started by the Indian Golf Union to centralize the handicapping system throughout the country. This handicap service utilizes USGA’s GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network) for the handicap calculation. GHIN is the only USA authorized and approved handicapping system in the world.
GHIN or Golf Handicap and Information Network is the proprietary software used by the USGA to maintain the handicap records and provides Handicap Index to its subscribers. Approximately, 14,000 clubs in the United States use GHIN for handicapping purposes.
Most of the Handicap Systems used in India currently, are not uniform and do not follow a standard procedure for calculation of handicaps. The advantages of subscribing to NHS are:
– Accurate calculation of handicap index
– Transparency in calculating the handicap of all golfers
– Post scores for handicapping purpose for any USGA rated course in the world
– Check and post your scores anytime, from anywhere
– Check Handicap online from anywhere
To be able to enjoy the privileges of NHS you need to create an account with There are two membership options- 1 Year Subscription and 3 Years Subscription. You may register at:
The Website has to incur Payment Gateway charges, Hosting Charges, Development Charges, fees for improving User Interface and User Experience. The Convenience Fees contributes towards the payment of these Administration charges and other Fees.
Currently, the lower handicap index of the two handicaps will be taken into account for Handicap determination by the Tournament organizers and Clubs. However, in the near future only your NHS handicaps will alone be considered valid.
Minimum 5 scorecards of 18 holes or 10 scorecards of 9 holes are taken into consideration to generate a handicap index. However, to get a more accurate handicap index, more than 20 scorecards are required to be posted.
Differentials are used to determine the accurate scores using four key components: ESC Score, Course Ratings, Slope Ratings and Standard Ratings (113).

GHIN uses the below table to pick acceptable scores:
5 or 6 Lowest 1
7 & 8 Lowest 2
9 & 10 Lowest 3
11 & 12 Lowest 4
13 & 14 Lowest 5
15 & 16 Lowest 6
17 Lowest 7
18 Lowest 8
19 Lowest 9
20 Lowest 10
The handicap index of the golfer describes a golfers “BEST POTENTIAL” for scoring in relation to par. The handicap index is computed with respect to a golf course with a rating of 72/113, 72 being the Course Rating and 113 being the Slope Rating. Please note that for the computation of the Handicap Index a minimum of 5 scores cards & a maximum of 20 are required to be posted.
For each score posted, the Course & Slope Rating are also required. Hence please indicate the tees you have played from.
Step 1: Calculate the Handicap Differential for all Rounds posted, Handicap Differential = (Adjusted Score – Course Rating) x 113/Slope Rating
For example if:
Your gross score is 81, the course rating 73.5, the slope rating is 130
Then the handicap differential will be (81–73.5) x 113/130 = 6.5
Please note that handicap differential is calculated for each round posted.
Step 2: Consider the 10 lowest handicap differentials from all the rounds posted.
Step 3: The average of the 10 lowest handicap differentials is calculated.
Step 4: Multiply the average by 0.96 to arrive at the Handicap Index.
Handicap Index provides the golfer with the ability to obtain a handicap as per the difficulty of the course he/she is playing at.
Handicaps are calculated on a bi-monthly basis: on the 1st and 16th of every month
Yes, NHS Membership is different from IGU Membership. NHS is an IGU initiative to centralize handicaps across the country.
If you are a non-club member, but an IGU member, during the time of registration you can select your home-club as “IGU E-Club. Once this selection is made, your IGU member number required in the “Membership number” field. ”. If you are a club member and an IGU member, you can fill out your club membership number. However, the IGU NHS program is independent of the IGU membership program.
The Slope Rating of the golf course is the degree of difficulty of a course. It is a measure of the number of strokes it would take a BOGEY golfer, with a handicap Index of 18, to complete a round. A golf course where a BOGEY golfer will play to his handicap has a rating of 113. The higher the Slope Rating of the golf course, the tougher it is for a bogey golfer. A bogey golfer with a handicap index of 18, playing from the following two tees with differing Slope Rating would play as illustrated below

White Tees with a Slope Rating of 127
Then the handicap of the golfer with a handicap Index 18*(127/113) = 20.2 (Rounded down to 20) over the course. 18 is the HANDICAP INDEX of the golfer– while 20 would be the HANDICAP of the bogey golfer from the White tees with a Slope Rating of 127.

Championship Black Tees with a Slope Rating of 142 Then the handicap of the golfer with a handicap Index 18*(142/113) = 22.6 (Rounded up to 23) over the course. 20 is the HANDICAP INDEX of the golfer– while 23 would be the HANDICAP of the bogey golfer from the Championship Tees.
The Course Rating of a golf course is the strokes it would take a SCRATCH golfer with a handicap Index of ZERO, to complete a round. The higher the course rating of the course the tougher the golf course. A Scratch golfer playing from tees with a Course Rating of 72 (on a par 72 course) is expected to play the course to 72. If the course rating is 74.1, a player with a ZERO handicap index would most likely play the course 2.1 strokes above par (par being 72 in this case).
IGU has a dedicated team of course raters under a chief course rater who calculate the playing difficulty of the course on the basis of certain parameters as per the USGA’s course rating system.
IGU’s objective is to rate each and every course in India. A request needs to be sent to IGU for getting the course rated. However if due to certain limitations all courses may not be rated, immediately, default ratings of 70 / 113 are allotted to the course until the IGU’s Course Rating Team rates the course.
There may be scenarios where information for all the tees is not available on the site. We request you to provide us with a valid certificate / scorecard and we will update the Tee ratings. In addition, if you need to enter scores for rounds played from such Tees, you may select the option “others” on the “Post Score” page and enter the Course Ratings and Slope Ratings manually.
It is our constant endeavor to provide information on all the courses. In case your course is not on the list, kindly mail us at and we shall add your Golf Course. In order to enter scores for such courses we suggest you manually enter scores for rounds played from such Tees, you may select the option “others” on the “Post Score” page and enter the Course Ratings and Slope Ratings.
All tournament scores called T Scores are considered for the purpose of calculating the Handicap Index even when they are not amongst the last 20 scores posted by the golfer. These T Scores remain in the list of 20 select scores for the purpose of Handicap Index calculation for a period of 365 days.
Any score posted by a golfer in round of golf designated by the Club as a tournament is a tournament score.
Yes , the IGU-NHS will accept 9 hole scores.
In the event a golfer fails to submit his score and the same is brought to the notice of the IGU-NHS Handicap committee, the said golfer will be send a reminder with a request to post the score of the round in question. The score in question should be posted or a response received from the golfer, before the next revision or within 15 days from the date of the reminder. In the event, neither of the above is done within the time frame specified, a score equivalent to the lowest score posted by the golfer will be entered against the round in question. In the event of a second instance of score not being posted, the golfer will be credited with having played a scratch round of golf and the same will be registered in the system.
All golfers registered with the IGU-NHS have to submit cards/post scores when they play a minimum of 9 holes on a golf course registered within the IGU NHS.
Yes all complaints related to handicapping should be emailed to the Handicap Committee. The email to should contain the details of the golfer (with ghin number) against whom the complaint is filed, detailed description of the facts related to the complaint, name of the person and contact number and named email address of the complainant. The IGU-NHS handicap committee will make all efforts to address and redress all registered complaints related to IGU NHS handicap within a period of 7 working days from the date of registration of the complaint.
Yes, the handicap of a golfer registered with the IGU-NHS can be verified online by entering the golfer’s GHIN number in the handicap lookup section.
If on verification, a golfer registered with IGU-NHS finds that a score has not been recorded in the system, the same score can be reposted into the system.
In case of any suggestions and recommendations to improve our user-interface and services, please feel free to mail us at
Good or Bad, we keenly look forward for your feedback.
Which Score Can I Delete?

Score(s) Which Has Been Deleted Is 'Deleted' Score Status. Score(s) Having Status 'Posted' Are Only Eligible For 'Delete' Operation. A Delete Operation Deletes Scores From IGHUNHS.COM & From GHIN. You can not delete score(s) But If Require Please Contact Us.

Which Score Can I Withdraw?

Score(s) Having Status 'JustPosted' Or 'SentToVerification' Or 'Rejected' Or 'Error' Can Be Withdrawn At Anytime. Once Status Changed To 'Success' You Can Only Delete Them.

Which Score Can I Resend Mail?

Score(s) Having Status 'JustPosted' Or 'SentToVerification' Are Only Eligible For 'Resend Mail' Operation. Meaning To Say If Verifier Has Not Got The Mail Or Has Not Verified/Rejected, You Can Send Mail Again. Score Posted With Wrong Verifier Mail Id And/Or With Wrong Score(s) Can Be Withdrawn & Posted Again.

When you post a score on, it goes through the following steps:

  • It Gets Stored On IGUNHS.COM, And Its Status Is “Submitted” .
  • An Email Is Sent To Your Marker To Verify Your Score, And Its Status Is Changed To “Sent For Verification”.
  • If Your Marker Rejects The Score You Submitted, Its Status Is Changed To “Rejected”.
  • When Your Marker Verifies Your Score, Its Status Is Changed To “Verified”.The System Then Posts Your Score To The USGA GHIN Server.
  • If GHIN Accepts Your Score, Which It Should, Its Status Is Changed To “Posted”.
  • If GHIN Doesn’t Accept Your Score, Which Is Unlikely, Its Status Is Changed To “Error” And Our Team Will Be Notified And We Will Look Into Why This Happened.
  • On Delete Of Any Score System Changes Status To 'Deleted'.
  • If You Choose To Withdraw Any Of Your Submitted Scores, It Is No Longer Considered For Submission To GHIN, And Its Status Is Changed To “Withdrawn”. Please Note That You Cannot Withdraw A Score That Has Already Been Submitted To GHIN.
  • If Your Marker Hasn’t Verified Your Score, You Have An Option To Re-Send An Email For Verification To Them. In Such A Case, Its Status Is Changed To “Re-Sent For Verification”. Please Note That Automatic Verification Email Reminders Are Sent Everyday For Your Convenience. .
  • If You Have Submitted Your Score To Your Club, And The Club Administrator Posts Your Score, No Verification Is Required And The Score Will Be Submitted To The USGA GHIN Server.
  • Please Note That There Is No Score Posted Progress Report For Score(s) Posted Before 11th July 2016.
  • Score(s) Which Has Been Deleted Is 'Deleted' Score Status. Score(s) Having Status 'Posted' Are Only Eligible For 'Delete' Operation. A Delete Operation Deletes Scores From IGHUNHS.COM & From GHIN. You Can Not Delete Score(s) But If Require Please Contact Us.
< 9 9 Par + 2
10 19 7
20 29 8
30 39 9
40 > 9 10
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